How you can help


You can help our baby son Adam live a longer life by donating 1% of your personal income tax if you pay taxes in Poland (see the “1% of Your Tax” section), or making a donation in PLN to his sub-account operated by the charity called Polskie Towarzystwo Walki z Mukowiscydozą (Polish Society for the Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis).


We are also very grateful for other support such as liking Adam’s Facebook page, spreading awareness about cystic fibrosis and supporting various initiatives and charities that help raise funding for CF sufferers or work towards amending legislation to close the gap between the quality of patient care in Poland and in Western Europe.


See "Useful links" for charity organizations contact details.


Individual PLN donations: 

Polskie Towarzystwo Walki z Mukowiscydozą

49 1020 3466 0000 9302 0002 3473 

With the words "Adam Majek" in the transfer description box.


For transfers from abroad: Name of the Bank: PKO BPBIC (SWIFT): BPKOPLPW

Account number (IBAN): PL 84 1020 3466 0000 9802 0007 0128; with the words "Adam Majek" in the transfer description box.