BLOG 2019 - What's new?





This is the question that Adam asked when I read the page from the book to him and reminisced about how we decided to have another child, just like the parents in the picture, that he grew in my belly and that we were overjoyed when little Adaś joined our family...

Adam bravely faces the hardships of physiotherapy but has been plagued by tummy aches recently. He can see that his life differs from that of most of his peers. We nevertheless strive to make his life stimulating and fulfilling - Adam plays chess, does go-carting (see the posts below!), he collects books about cars (he learnt how to read before he was five) and toy cars. The inescapable truth is, however, that CF is slowly damaging his body.

Thanks to your donations and the 1%-of-your-tax scheme, Adam enjoys the chance for better healthcare and he stands a much better chance of living until a cure for CF is found. Please keep Adam in mind when you fill out your annual tax returns...




Like every child his age, Adaś has his passions and dreams. He loves cars (vintage cars included!) and loves go-carting. He has been training with A1 Karting for the last 18 months in the youngers age category (Puffo). Each session makes him really happy, especially when he bests his personal best time or wins a race. Shown below is a cup for taking the 3rd place (out of eight teams) in a child-parent team race. 

We want Adam to keep racing for many more years.... Please help us finance his medical care by donating or assigning 1% of your tax to his charity-run account.





Last Friday, Adam - as a student of the football school TURBO Football Academy, accompanied sportsmen and sportswomen during the awards ceremony of the International Uniformed Forces Tournament. 
Every child received a plush bear wearing a police t-shirt 
It was an interesting experience, and we hope that Adam will like playing sports, as that will help him maintain lung function longer.





Our charity chess tournament was described by the largest chess portal in the world -!

The even will be attended by a dozen Grand Masters and Womens Grand Masters (GM/WGM)!!!

Tournament B (children of 13 and younger)

Tournament A (Open)