BLOG 2018



"I'm running to help my little brother" 
Our darling Krzyś will run for charity for the second time! 

The run was organized by the Polish Society for the Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis (Polskie Towarzystwo Walki z Mukowiscydozą), which is chaired by Adam's dad - a function he performs without remuneration.





Oh, how we love the sea! Little Adam is happy to be back at the beach in Jantar!  

We just wish for his apetite and digestion to be as great as the weather....



16.06 / 14.07

A child who is chronnically / terminally ill is bearing a huge load on his shoulders... These children are perfectly ordinary children who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, where they have to fight for their lives before they even reach adulthood. That is why they deserve a full, stimulating life. They should not be treated with grave seriousness or given mournful looks or praised for theri "martydom". So this is how we have chosen to make Adam's life beautiful:  his great passion are cars (he collects toy models, reads books about race cars and vintage cars) and go-carting!!

The pictures below show Adam with Dad before his training at the racking track in Słomczyn...


... and Modlin (14.07) - wet track!




Dziekanów Leśny - we're done with spirometry, oscylometry and bodyplethysmography  

The name of the last test was too much even for the linguist mum! 




Our little warrior has just come back from a three-day pre-school trip to the Białowieża Forest! Dad arrived incognito by train to do Adam's twice-daily nebulizer treatments and physiotherapy. Adaś said the trip was wonderful, although "I missed you so much, Mommy, I found that my eyes were suddenly wet"!




Grunge is ALIVE, people!
Upon hearing that he'd be going to have his heair cut before the summer on the next day, Adaś protested:
"But Mum, I want to have long bangs, like Kurt Cobain!"
Let me just add that Adaś knows Nirvana's songs by heart and does the best air guitar and air drums on this side of the river 

I love him to bits! 



Hello sea! Did you miss me? 



Out little champ had a sleepover night at pre-school! 

At the beginning of May there will be a school trip, and Adam will be accompanied by his Dad, since we cannot take a break from medication or nebulizer treatments and physiotherapy. This, unfortunately, will be the case for all trips, and independence is many years away, and even then Adam will need to lug around his air compressors, sterilizers, and nebulizers, not to mention his medication bag! Nevertheless, we live in the hope that he will be able to live a life that is fulfilling and exciting - as much as he can. 




Adaś has been honing his skiing skills with an instructor in the Polish Tatra mountains - in Białka Tatrzańska. Exercise helps to build muscle tone and improves lung capacity, and as such is a must for CF sufferers. 

Bravo to Dad, who took both brothers on hhis own, as Mum wasn't able to take time off work.  





So proud  Our own Dad has combined his private passion with a quest to help all CF patients in Poland, and organized the 1st Charity Chess Tournament "Chess Players for CFers". The Polish Chess Association was the honorary patron of the event, and the tournament was attended by renowned chess players, such as Monika Soćko, the only Polish female chess player who holds the "male" grandmaster title (GM)!

The entry fee proceeds and donations will help finance the care of CF patients in Poland.  






I play chess too - with the 5th category, I am entered in the Polish register of chess players!